Digital Signage – How to Put the New Medium to Work at Hotels and Resorts

Digital signage is making itself felt in a variety of vertical niches, like retail stores, higher education and medical facilities, but no where is it finding greater acceptance as an attractive alternative to printed signs than at hotels, resorts, convention centers and other businesses falling under the heading of “hospitality industry.”

The reason is simple: These sorts of businesses have a great need to convey information that changes daily -or even hourly- to the general public. Digital signage is an appealing solution because it allows the content of a sign to be updated quickly and at little expense. With the right software and network architecture, it’s even possible to tap into existing property management software systems to extract event and scheduling information so signs remain fresh with minimal human intervention.

An added benefit of digital signs for hoteliers and others is they can be used to promote the facility’s restaurants, lounges, shops and activities so guests stay on premise and spend their money with the hotelier.

Years of serving the needs of the hospitality industry reveal that to attain those two goals, the hoteliers and others in this industry segment put digital signs to work in six categories, including: in-room channel; reader boards; door cards; way finding; advertising signage; and hybrid interactive.

Here’s a brief description of each:

In-room channel

In in-room channel applications, a digital signage media server feeds an in-house cable TV system available in every guest’s room. This approach can be simple -in the form of graphics and text to convey basic information about amenities and services- or much more elaborate where video commercials and promotional video messages are inserted.

Reader boards

Reader boards deliver information about events, including times and locations, to guests and visitors. Stationed in strategic high-traffic areas, digital signage reader boards increasing are replacing print and LED-based signs for this application. Typically, reader boards are oriented in a vertical (portrait) mode.

Door cards

Like reader boards, digital door cards inform visitors and guests of events, times and places. However, door cards are generally horizontal in orientation (portrait), much smaller (15 to 19 inches) and are positioned near the entrance of conference rooms, galleries, ballrooms and venues to inform guests of what’s scheduled to occur inside.

Way finding

In this application, digital signs replace static directory signage to help guide guests to their destinations. Often, these signs can serve a dual purpose as advertising signs when traffic conditions are appropriate.


A common goal of hotels, resorts and other hospitality businesses is to encourage patrons to spend their money on premise. To that end, these businesses create shops, restaurants, lounges and other amenities. Digital signs are a natural advertising medium for these businesses, because they offer the ability to day-part messaging so, for example, the same sign can advertise a coffee shop in the morning and a lounge in the evening.

Hybrid interactive

Offering the impact of digital signage and the interactivity of a kiosk, hybrid interactive digital signs are being used in hospitality settings to augment customer service experiences. For example, a hybrid interactive digital sign could be used at the concierge desk to allow guests to drill down to the information they desire when a hotel concierge is assisting another customer.

Digital signs may be used in other ways by the hospitality industry, but these six basic applications form the core. With digital signage, hotels, resorts and others in this market are better informing guests and reaching them with messaging that has a greater impact approaches.

Hull Hotels and Resorts, Nightlife and Shopping

Hull is one of the vibrant cities in UK. It is a major port in England. There are lots of things to do and lots of things to see. It offers something for everyone ranging from top tourist attractions, museums, monuments and sun kissed beaches to great restaurants, cafes, bars, great shopping areas and vibrant nightlife.

Hull Hotels
With a wealth of natural and historical beauty hull is a place of tourism throughout the year. Millions of people visit this city in all seasons. Along with this there are lots of 1st class hotels for you. The city has many hotels in every range. All the hotels will provide you a zone of comfort and relaxation with lots of care, yummy food and drinks and awesome views. You will feel aroma and taste of England culture which will make you full of pleasure.

  • Royal Hotel Hull
  • Kingston Theatre Hotel
  • Ibis Hotel
  • Portland Hotel
  • Premier Inn Hotel
  • Holiday Inn Express Hotel
  • Hallmark Hotel
  • Pearson Park Hotel

Hull nightlife
There are lots of things to spend a romantic, entertaining and rocking nightlife. Operas, theaters, discos, casinos, clubs and bars will make your nights colorful. It will be a immense pleasure to be with your partner in these charming nights.

  • UGC theater
  • Walters Bar
  • Kingston Theatre
  • Timber Dock
  • Sleepers Bar
  • The Welly

Hull shopping
There is a long list of shops and malls in the city. The list goes more long when it comes to variety of shopping items. A wide range of dressing material and luxurious crockery will force to buy everything from the city.

  • St. Stephens
  • North Point Shopping Centre
  • Prospect Shopping Centre
  • Princes Quay
  • House of Fraser
  • Toys ‘R’ Us
  • WH Smith

Mumbai Beaches and Beach Hotels and Resorts

One of the biggest, fastest and crowd pulling metropolis in India is Mumbai, a destination that attracts many tourists round the year. The energy, pace and modernity of the city doesn’t deter it from losing its cultural ethos, heritage and grandeur. Out of the many tourist attractions in Mumbai, the most fascinating are the varied beaches. Being a coastal city, Mumbai boasts of several beaches that are apt to spend time and have fun and frolic. There are plenty of Mumbai beach hotels that commit for comfortable and relaxed accommodation.

Beaches in Mumbai

There are various beaches in Mumbai namely, Chowpatti (Girgaum), Dadar Chowpatti, Juhu Beach, Versova Beach, Madh Island, Aksa Beach, Manori Beach, Marve Beach and Gorai Beach. The Chowpatty Beach is near Girgaum and remains crowded especially during Ganesh Puja. Tourists can watch innumerable Ganesha idols getting immersed in the sea as well as relish delicious fast food ranging from panipuri, bhelpuri etc. Juhu Beach, in northern Mumbai, is quite famous though it gets polluted. Weekends get too crowded, though weekdays are peaceful and the beach is also famous for street food. The beach is not quite fun for swimming, but children would enjoy playing cricket, basketball, volleyball etc. Madh Island beach is famous for being a secluded and peaceful beach unlike other beaches of Mumbai. Tourists would enjoy visiting the famous known Temple of Harbadevi, located on hilltop as they can also have a splendid view of the sea. The island also boasts of having the famous church of St. Bonaventure, believed to be a 16th century Portuguese church. Among other beaches in Mumbai is the Aksa beach that is thronged by many tourists for its cleanliness, peace and serenity. Visitors would love the variety of shells lying on the beach, though swimming is considered unsafe. Gorai beach also has quite many churches as well as a calm charm.

Before touring, tourists must finalize from the various Mumbai hotels, that they would like to stay in. Out of the various hotels in Mumbai near beaches, hotel Manama is considered to be one of the best hotels that are quite closer to the Nariman Point. The prices for the hotel vary from Rs.2500 to Rs. 4000 and the amenities comprise of comfortable rooms, amazing restaurant and secured parking. The hotel has got nearly 30 reviews from the guests who have recommended it for being one of the best Mumbai hotels near beach. Enlisted among the sought after Mumbai beach hotels is hotel Gemini with prices ranging from Rs.1000 to Rs.2000. The hotel offers facilities like spacious rooms; restaurant etc. guests have liked the value for money and the cleanliness of the hotel.