Pacific Islands Club Hotel and Resorts: Guam

Guam is the largest island in Micronesia and the southernmost island in the Mariana island chain. Chamorros is the native residents of Guam. They have appeared on the island since 6000 years ago. In 1521 Portuguese navigator Ferdinand Magellan reached the island during his circumnavigation of the globe. After that Guam started its long history of ruling by the Western countries.

Between 1668 to 1815, Guam was an important resting stop on the Spanish trade route between Mexico and Philippines. In 1898, after Spanish-American War the United States took control of Guam, it came to serve as a station for American ships traveling back and forth of Philippines. During World War II, Guam was attacked and invaded by Japanese army. In 1944, during the Battle of Guam, the United States recapture the island from Japanese military occupation. After the war, the Guam Organic Act of 1950 established Guam as an unincorporated organized territory of the United States, provided for the structure of the island’s government, and granted the people United States citizenship.

Tourism is the primary component of Guam’s economy. The United States military base and federal spending is also a big part of Guam’s GDP. Even though Guam does not receive any form of foreign aid, the United States under the provisions of a special law of Congress does not charge Guam for income or excise taxes.

Guam is a popular destination for mainly Japanese tourists alone with Korean and Chinese. There are over 20 large hotels, a DFS Galleria, Pleasure Island aquarium, SandCastle Las Vegas shows and other shopping and entertainment features on the island. Pacific Island Club Guam ( caters to a diverse clientele including individuals, couples, families and tour groups. Upon arrival, tourists can relax in a hammock on the beach, laze around the Waterpark or enjoy a challenging game of beach volleyball.

Guam has it unique Chamorro culture that every tourist will experience and will never forget. Traditional Chamorro culture is visually manifested in dance, cuisine, songs and fashion. Therefore, a trip to Guam is not complete without eating in a traditional Guam cuisine and shopping for souvenirs. PIC wants to give you a complete shopping experience, too. While tourists are there, they can also fill their shopping bag with gifts for the folks back home. Visit these stores while enjoying the time at PIC resorts, and look at our selection of PIC Logo Merchandise including rush guards, tees, polo shirts and gifts. PIC Guam’s selection of items and products are always changing to meet and satisfy its customers’ requirements


The Westin Maui Hotel and Resort

So, it’s time to celebrate a Hawaii vacation! It’s not only the beaches you should concentrate upon as part of your holiday preparation, but you must find an affordable and enjoyable staying option too for your leisure trip. The Westin Maui resort hotel of Lahaina may prove to be ideal for your dream Hawaii vacation. This Maui Resort & Spa is located just along the exotic Ka’anapali Beach and provides an array of leisure and entertainment activities. Endless amenities amidst high aloha spirit made available at your doorstep by the Westin Maui will applaud you and make your Hawaii vacation a perfect relaxing affair.

From enjoying romantic honeymoon affair to attending serious business seminar, the Westin Maui Resort & Spa provides an ideal location for anybody to come near the open beaches and enjoy their concerns to the fullest possible extent. Even while you are at the outdoor enjoying sunbathing or celebrating your Hawaii vacation with other wild beach activities, you will remain staying connected through the hotel’s wireless Internet connection and you will not be lost from your dear ones staying away from them. Professional and friendly catering staffs of the Westin Maui Resort will look after all your appetite needs. Enjoying delicious contemporary and traditional Hawaii cuisines, while relaxing at the balcony of your oceanfront room of the Westin Maui, will be a treasured experience for you. This unique Maui hotel also allows ordering personalized menu options enhancing your reasons to celebrate.

Watching panoramic views of Lana’i and Moloka’i from seafront rooms of the Westin Maui Resort & Spa is a thrilling experience! Coupled with contemporary décor, every room of the resort is perfectly designed and well furnished to suit leisurely mood of your Hawaii vacation. To make your stay at the lap of nature more environmental friendly, all rooms of the Westin Maui are non-smoking.

Digital Signage – How to Put the New Medium to Work at Hotels and Resorts

Digital signage is making itself felt in a variety of vertical niches, like retail stores, higher education and medical facilities, but no where is it finding greater acceptance as an attractive alternative to printed signs than at hotels, resorts, convention centers and other businesses falling under the heading of “hospitality industry.”

The reason is simple: These sorts of businesses have a great need to convey information that changes daily -or even hourly- to the general public. Digital signage is an appealing solution because it allows the content of a sign to be updated quickly and at little expense. With the right software and network architecture, it’s even possible to tap into existing property management software systems to extract event and scheduling information so signs remain fresh with minimal human intervention.

An added benefit of digital signs for hoteliers and others is they can be used to promote the facility’s restaurants, lounges, shops and activities so guests stay on premise and spend their money with the hotelier.

Years of serving the needs of the hospitality industry reveal that to attain those two goals, the hoteliers and others in this industry segment put digital signs to work in six categories, including: in-room channel; reader boards; door cards; way finding; advertising signage; and hybrid interactive.

Here’s a brief description of each:

In-room channel

In in-room channel applications, a digital signage media server feeds an in-house cable TV system available in every guest’s room. This approach can be simple -in the form of graphics and text to convey basic information about amenities and services- or much more elaborate where video commercials and promotional video messages are inserted.

Reader boards

Reader boards deliver information about events, including times and locations, to guests and visitors. Stationed in strategic high-traffic areas, digital signage reader boards increasing are replacing print and LED-based signs for this application. Typically, reader boards are oriented in a vertical (portrait) mode.

Door cards

Like reader boards, digital door cards inform visitors and guests of events, times and places. However, door cards are generally horizontal in orientation (portrait), much smaller (15 to 19 inches) and are positioned near the entrance of conference rooms, galleries, ballrooms and venues to inform guests of what’s scheduled to occur inside.

Way finding

In this application, digital signs replace static directory signage to help guide guests to their destinations. Often, these signs can serve a dual purpose as advertising signs when traffic conditions are appropriate.


A common goal of hotels, resorts and other hospitality businesses is to encourage patrons to spend their money on premise. To that end, these businesses create shops, restaurants, lounges and other amenities. Digital signs are a natural advertising medium for these businesses, because they offer the ability to day-part messaging so, for example, the same sign can advertise a coffee shop in the morning and a lounge in the evening.

Hybrid interactive

Offering the impact of digital signage and the interactivity of a kiosk, hybrid interactive digital signs are being used in hospitality settings to augment customer service experiences. For example, a hybrid interactive digital sign could be used at the concierge desk to allow guests to drill down to the information they desire when a hotel concierge is assisting another customer.

Digital signs may be used in other ways by the hospitality industry, but these six basic applications form the core. With digital signage, hotels, resorts and others in this market are better informing guests and reaching them with messaging that has a greater impact approaches.