Steps to a Good Relationship

Do you need to find a few steps to a good relationship? Have you been casually dating for a long time, but with steps to a good relationship you’d be able to turn that into a commitment? Have you been dumped so many times, you just know you have to find steps to a good relationship before you even try to hook up with another guy?

Most people just dive into a relationship without a clue how love, romance and commitment work. We just kind of muddle our way through it hoping things will work out for the best.

For the most part, things don’t work out at all. If you want a better chance at making something out of your next romance, read these steps to a good relationship.


Look around and you’ll probably find a lot of tricky ways to trap a guy. Embellishments, fibs and outright lies are often suggested into order to make the guy think he’s dating someone who doesn’t even exist.

Honestly? How can you hope to build a strong relationship based on lies?

If you do choose to fib, make sure it’s about something trivial and inconsequential. Hiding something, like the fact that you don’t want children when you know very well that he does can be a disaster.

Mutual Respect

If you really want this relationship to go in the right direction, remember to maintain a high level of respect for him. It’s so easy to lapse into a war of words over everything and anything and the constant bickering can take its toll.

Once you realize you’re in love with this man, continue to show it.

Basic Commonalities

Many couples try to convince themselves that their love will carry them through any and all problems, including basic differences in one another. Certain differences work out great, they’re even welcomed. These are the cases in which you could say one mate completes the other.

He’s outspoken where she’s timid. He’s a great cook, while she’s loves to do laundry. He would spend every red penny until they lost everything if it wasn’t for her wise money sense. These couples blend together well and make for strong unions.

But if you love the country while he feels invigorated by the city, or if family is vitally important to you, but he wants no kids at all, there’s little chance your relationship will survive.

More often than not, the person asked to make the huge sacrifice ends up resenting it and the relationship fizzles out.

Keep it Hot

Couples who’ve been together for a long time and still thrive will tell you that they keep their sex life fun and exciting. Whether it’s through games, dressing up, playing roles or making movies, they’re constantly conscience of the importance sex plays in the relationship.

It’s not a simple matter of sexual satisfaction, which is important in itself, but it’s also the intimate connection; everything that leads up to sex and everything that follows it.

Don’t neglect this important aspect of your romance.